Food Sourcing – Smartphones to Tell You Where Your Meat has Been…

Cow and QR Code

This is the kind of information that should really be appearing on the pack already, but at least this is a step closer.  A recent initiative in the USA involves putting QR codes on food packaging that when scanned with a compatible smartphone give you detailed information on where it came from – including farmers, slaughterhouses and processing plants.

This food sourcing program could really inform buying decisions – such as whether the eggs in your mayonnaise were free range or from battery hens, or whether your organic meat had been humanely reared but slaughtered in a poor welfare abattoir.

If this was coupled with honest and openly available information about all the stages in food processing (e.g. RSPCA ratings for farms, slaughterhouses etc), shoppers would really then be able to vote with their feet and continue to force improved welfare standards.