Gluten Free Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart
This recipe is based on a combination of sources, but was mainly inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s recent recipe on his recent Channel 4 series.

Despite previous posts where I have been critical of adapting something to be gluten free when the results are never going to match the gluteny equivalent, there are some recipes where it’s worth giving it a go (rather than avoid them entirely).  Gluten Free Lemon tart is one such recipe – zingy lemons, smooth rich filling, biscuity pastry – yes please. It looks like a fiddly affair, but it’s reasonably simple and can be done in stages (e.g. make casing first).  If you’ve got access to a pre-made gluten free shortcrust pastry (e.g. Genius) I’d definitely give that a go. Continue reading